Saturday, January 9, 2010


I made these pretties the other day when I was trying to decide what to do for my next layout.... for this one I used scraps of Stampin' Up! paper - I do not remember the name but I know that I bought about 4 sets of it as I was afraid that I would run out! I threw in a layer of tulle doubled up to soften it up a little. And I finally used my ITOP that my sister Lisa bought me :o) I LOVE THIS TOOL!!
This pretty was made with some old trim that I had sitting around, I threaded it on some floss and gathered it to make a circle, then did the same thing with the pink trim and then used a super duty really big sticky glue dot to hold the two together; then I reinforced it by stitching them together around the glue dot then I added a paper flower from my stash. This will look very pretty on a page.

This one is made with the same collection of the SU paper - I dampened it by spritzing it with water than wadding it up into a ball and basically taking out all my aggression on that paper ball! Then I cut out some circles (if you can call them that) and again used my ITop for the brad in the middle. I love this tool so much I bought a jumbo pack of brad refills from Oh My Crafts!

This one is my favorite - it looks so rumbled and beat up - I really like the effect of the crumbled paper - this paper was what was left over from Jenny's accordion folder. The button is from PaperTreyInk.

I really enjoyed making these and love the results!! Thanks for looking - and fell free to comment!

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Lisa Wilcox said...

Love the "pretties"-and that retired SU paper is Spring Showers-with the blue-and Spring Flowers-with the browns/yellows. I still have some too & just used Spring Showers on a card. And I'm glad you love your xmas present-can't wait to see how it works!