Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I won a RAK on the cricut MB from one of my fellow NSSS ( not-s0-secret-sisters for those of you NOT in the know) - I had to guess what famous person was friends with her brother is high school and that she had a wild crush on... he was not an actor nor an athlete - which left musician - and the lead singer in his band is REALLY famous and has platinum blond hair... I won an adorable altered tin mailbox from Target that we are ALL dying to find!! and Becca filled it with goodies and M&Ms! Thanks Becca!! love it...

after guessing the bass player in Poison and was shot down, I guessed TONY from No Doubt!! and I won!! yeah for me!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I finally found some time to scrap

Here is a close up of the skittles that I used for the centers of the flowers
this is a LO of Madison and her new smile

Lindsey and Kaytlyn this Halloween

Donna dressed up w/ the kids this year

This is really different for me ... but I sort of like it

Sunday, January 18, 2009

post its and binder clips

we have a tradition in the Landers family - each year the girls get together and exchange a hand crafted gift - here are my presents for the girls all prettied up....
This year I made little note books for their purses or in Sierra's case, her desk along with a post it note holder all dressed up.... this is Mom's set and the jumbo binder clip that she can use to hold a photo

Here is Sierra's set - I used some Basic Grey papers

And this is Lisa's set... blossoms and butterflys DCWV stack

And Susan's set all blinged up - after all she is a bling kinda girl!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Julie, Julie do you love me?

Bobby Sherman, remember him?? Had one hit (that I know of) and really good hair in the 70's...

today I heard his hit, "Julie, Julie do you love me" and it brought back a flood of memories. I remembered my dad sitting behind the wheel in our station wagon... I was sitting in the back seat and this song came on the radio... He started singing along with it while he caught my eye in the mirror... I was SO upset!! I hated that song!! HE WAS TEASING ME!!! AND I HATED BEING TEASED! My name was NOT JULIE!! IT WAS JEWEL!!!

Now that I'm all grown up I think that it is so cool and sweet that he would sing that song to me as he was not a singer~ not even in the shower ~the only time I ever heard him sing was this song for me. I guess maybe he did love me....