Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

I'm a sucker for flowers of any kind... real flowers, felt flowers, paper flowers, crocheted flowers....since its the middle of winter I have to wait for spring for the real flowers and I've already shown you the felt flowers I created (posted back on March 15, 2009), so know I will show you my paper flowers.

This is one that is SO easy - I just love it...but I don't think I will use it on any pages as it is very bulky - so it will probably end up on something altered. I added some glimmer mist to this one - I made it from regular ol' copy paper.
Those crazy chicks over at My Little Shoebox have a great (and fun) tutorial that you can watch ... and be patient...its at the very end.

This lovely specimen is something else I found on my online wanderings.... I found this over at the Pink Paislee website... for some reason I can not get the link to post but the website and the post is from October 2009 wacky wednesday ...I'll keep looking until I can get it for you. If you are really dying for it - email me at and I will get it for you!

And here are my creations... using cream colored cotton yarn. I can't follow instructions so I just made my own version. Someday I will post a tutorial I promise!! The bigger one in the center was made using a larger crochet hook.

Then to dress them up a bit I sprayed them with glimmer mist.


Rachel said...

You're flower crazy! The glimmer mist ones are so pretty!

Lisa Wilcox said...

All are adorable-I love the idea of glimmer mist. You know,you could try dipping them in water that has a few drops of SU reinker in it would look pretty. I'll bet it might be more of a pastel color because it's watered down. Bring one Sat & we'll try it!

Christina said...

Jewel I love all the little flowers you make there all so neat.

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