Friday, December 26, 2008

some christmas photos

Here are some pictures from this year's Christmas - Here is Kaytlyn waiting for the go ahead to rip into her presents...

this is the latest addition to the family, Sierra gifted Susan and Daniel with Levi Button a Mini dauschaund.
Here is Madison trying on her pink Uggs that Aunt Lisa got for her.
Here is Halle opening presents at Gramma Lauraine's house

and Lindsey ... the anticipation is killing her!!

and Ryan and the ever elusive NE patriots nerf football

And Kaytlyn ripping into her GeoTrax - can never have enough trax for the trains!

I really do love Christmas even if it's a pain to run from place to place... one year I will not have to go dashing from here to there and back again...and I will probably be upset!

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