Friday, December 26, 2008

my best gift...ever

This year I got the best present ever! My best friend got me a ceramic Christmas tree ~ now you may think "whoopee" but seriously, this gift means so much to me.
First of all we had one when I was growing up so it reminds me of my childhood, always a good thing. Secondly, my dad's mom, Gramma Marion made this for us in her ceramics class~every year she made us something ceramic and I always (usually) loved them. What I wouldn't give to have them now...our house burned January 11, 1982 and we lost everything... so when Karen and I were shopping at Target this year and I saw a decoration that was based on this type of tree, I made the comment that I really wanted to find one of these to replace the one that Gramma had made and that was lost in the fire and I thought nothing of it since then... until I opened my present from Karen. It brought tears to my eyes that she would have picked up on how much this tree meant to me from that one little comment. She truly is my best friend. This tree will hold a special place in my Christmas display every year. Thank you K.

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Melissa S said...

Your so lucky! My grandmother use to have one of these trees. I loved it so much and now that she is gone I would love to have one of these tree's to remind me of her. Enjoy! ;) I would keep mine out all year if I had one.