Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm so bad... I have a 5 day "weekend" (today is my 2nd day into it) I had planned on cleaning out my computer room, moving out all the furniture, painting (have picked out a coffee color) and then put my craft supplies in some sort of organized chaos - I wanted to put up shelves so I can have more space to create and to have my laptop and the printers and the cricut laid out (so I will use it more), maybe have room for my sewing machine so I would use it on my layouts - well...... I did some Christmas shopping on Friday and today I woke up with really good intentions to at least clean up the know throw out the papers that I dont need, organize a little.... well when I woke up and walked out into the living room the sun was shining and it was beautful outside... but I could not see much with all the crud on my windows!! So now I have clean windows throughout the house- I even washed curtains and wall hangings... and cleaned out the dead flies from the overheat light fixtures... so now the sun can shine through my squeaky clean windows ... but the mess is still in the computer room and I will keep it up until I have to go back to work and will kick myself in the ass for not taking advantage of my time off!!

It seems I will find anything else to do rather than clean up that room!!

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