Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random cards

Well, I finally figured out the posting issue....yay for me... so here are some stray cards I have made. This one was for my NSSS Jenny's July package - its PMS Bella!

This card was made for one of my "sisters" as well - Steph whom is my SU rep - I can't just send her a check without a handmade card!! I do not remember where I got this digi stamp as I have been collecting them lately....but thought it was really cute! And I think Steph has a thing for elephants.......

This card was made for my youngest "chick" Lindsey (her nickname is Froggy) - usually I go to the beach with her and her family for at least a week but this year I could not go because I had some surgery. I made her this card and enclosed $5 so that she would still be able to buy some ice cream from Aunt Jewel. Again, not sure where the digi stamp came from but it was perfect for her!

And this card was for her sister Kaytlyn - I gave her $5 for ice cream too!

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