Saturday, March 27, 2010

Introducing Alley Sunday

This is our newest family member, Alley Sunday Landers. She showed up one day at work, in the alley behind the office. She was pregnant and homeless and she reminds me so much of Shadow that I could not let her have the kittens outside. So after two days of feeding her and letting her sneak into my office I decided that she needed to go to the local shelter. I thought I was doing a good thing for her. Unbeknownst to me I was more attached than I could ever imagine - I cried like a baby when I dropped her off at the SPCA. I could not even drive home- I had to sit in the parking lot until the sobbing was done....the director of the SPCA is a friend of one of my co-workers so she told me that I could have her after she had her kittens. I knew in my heart that I wanted her to help fill the void that was left after Shadow's death and Purrsha really needed someone to love while we were gone all day. Alley fit the bill.
Now the hard part was talking Chuck into letting me bring her home. He fought it tooth and nail telling me that if I brought the cat home that I could find my own shelter somewhere else. I didn't let that stop me! I bombarded him with photos of Alley and finally told him that I was bringing her home and he had no choice. So, after a week at the SPCA where her kittens were aborted (she wasn't that far along I was told) she was fixed and gotten all her shots and a micro chip in case she gets lost, it was time to bring her home. She is a very loving cat and cuddly with her humans. However, she and Purrsha still have to come to terms. We usually awake to a screaming ball of fur rolling down the hall way....not what I envisioned at all. Everyone tells me that they will settle in and they may - meanwhile the current situation is NOT working for me. Today was a good day; no fights that I was aware of. Purrsha is choosing to stay in the basement on the ratty old couch - which is better than hiding behind the couch or under the bed.
I named her Alley after where she was discovered, Sunday after Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's daughter Sunday Rose; Alley calmed down on the long ride home when listening to his music.

She sleeps through the night snuggled between Chuck and myself spread out on her back with her little kitty arms over her head....She is content with her new home.

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