Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A dream has come true - I am finally published! Not the great American novel that I dreamt of when I was younger but actually published!
One of the insurance companies that I do business with sent out an email earlier this year asking for submissions of photos of the great state of NY -I submitted six photos of various scenery from throughout the year and they chose 2 of them for the 2010 calendar!! I was so excited! And, as a bonus I got a great Erie & Niagara canvas tote(that's the company), 5 copies of the calendar and a wonderful digital photo picture frame with the prize winning photos pre loaded! I am so excited!!
This photo was taken as I was walking back to the house from the mailbox at the end of my driveway one snowy day in March....they chose it to highlight the month of December.

This photo was taken out of the truck window as we drove down this bumpy dirt road - Chuck doesnt seem to understand the need to stop when I ask him to so that I can take a quality photo! Lucky for me this photo turned out great!!


Rachel said...

That's so awesome and those pics are TOO great. Congrats!!

Lisa Wilcox said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!I am so proud of you!

. said...

Congrats! Your photos are beautiful. That is so exciting to be published. Be very proud, you did a wonderful job on the pics. uess what? The trip I "won" is from Erie also! We need to chat. LOL