Sunday, July 12, 2009

recent cards

Here are some cards I have made recently - really loving those Bellas! this is a graduation card for our old landlord's daughter - I can't believe that she is old enough to graduate already!

This one was for a friend of Chuck's daughter whom I've never met (explain to me why you have to invite everyone you know, even casually, to a high school graduation party?) but she did attend my high school alma mater so I knew what color the graduation gowns were - at least in my day...but wait the guys wore the blue ones and the girls wore white ones! oh well... it's not like she'll even appreciate the time or effort put in it - its all about the cash inside the card!

This was for a belated birthday card for a co-worker.

and this bella was a "going away/congrats on your new job" card for a co-worker.

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Rachel said...

Love that biker Bella!