Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter's remorse??

I know that you can get buyer's remorse - I have it almost every time I am enabled to buy something by my fellow cricut MB sisters (and I tend to do that ALOT!!) but Ive never heard of Voter's remorse... still I think I have it.
I was so torn over whom to cast my vote for in the Presidential election. I was an Obama girl until Sarah was selected. I admire her so much, in fact I even knew about her BEFORE she was selected for the VP slot - I was really impressed with her having a baby while in office and her stance on using the natural gas resources that our country has not tapped into. But some of the things she said during interviews, well, let's say I was less than impressed. I mean she did not know the job of the VP!! We learn that in 3 rd grade or something!!
I really liked Obama and his promise of change, his youth and his charisma.
I'm not saying for whom I voted, but I am having second thoughts.

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